Pasadena Business Phone Systems

For more than two decades, Pasadena Business Phone Systems has been providing exceptional phone system support for businesses in the Pasadena area. The service began with legacy PBX systems such as Comdial, Nortel, Toshiba, Vodavi and Cisco among others – a feature that today is seen as hallmark of the company. However, at Pasadena Business Phone Systems we remain dedicated to offering the most cutting-edge solution for our clients’ communication needs and have therefore continued to expand services to include IP PBXs and hosted PBX systems such as NEC, 3cx, FreePBX, Allworx, Vonage, Ring Central Avaya and more. Whatever your communications challenge is – count on us to provide an effective solution!

Hosted Phone Systems 

When it comes to phone systems for a business, choosing the right one can be daunting. Fortunately, Pasadena Business Phone Systems makes finding and leasing a system that is perfect for you simple and easy. We offer both new and refurbished systems, as well as warranties on the latter for your peace of mind. Our experienced team assists customers with everything from two-line phone systems to multi-location centers used by 2000 people or more. What sets us apart from the competition is our wide range of knowledge in various phone systems and vendors, so businesses don’t have to be tied down to one specialized option. Let Pasadena Business Phone Systems help you find the perfect fit today!

VoIP Phone Pasadena

At Pasadena Business Phone Systems, we take a no-frills approach to providing the best business phone system solutions for our clients. Our straightforward philosophy makes us stand out from many other vendors — we prioritize understanding our customers’ needs, goals, and budgets so that we can develop an affordable, reliable network that meets all of their requirements. As committed professionals with nearly thirty years of serving clients in and around Pasadena, we have stayed true to this tenet since the start of our business. We work hard to ensure that each and every customer is fully satisfied with their new telephone systems.

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The Cloud is the Key

In today’s ever-evolving business environment, it is increasingly important that everyone in the organization has access to information and other resources whenever they need it. Pasadena Business Phone Systems offers the perfect solution by providing 100% cloud-connected services, allowing your team to stay connected 24/7 no matter where they are. Our intuitive interface makes managing corporate features and users fast and easy, helping you to ensure excellent communication between all of your employees for maximum efficiency and productivity. With Pasadena Business Phone Systems, you can provide an outstanding level of connectivity throughout your entire organization.

Seamless Connection with your Current Tools and Devices

For businesses in Pasadena, CA, staying up-to-date with the latest technology can be both costly and time consuming. That’s why Pasadena Business Phone Systems have created an excellent solution that delivers seamless integration with existing devices and tools. By taking advantage of their VoIP phone systems, companies can reduce training time and human resource costs while eliminating the vast expense associated with acquiring new equipment. This seamlessly connected system ensures that businesses in the larger local area stay ahead of the curve without breaking their budget.

Real-Time, Really Powerful Analytics

Staying ahead of the competition means fostering a workplace that is optimized and efficient. Our analytics help you quickly identify weak points in your team’s performance, so you can implement targeted training strategies and ensure the strength of your workforce. From tracking call wait times to offering detailed productivity maps, our tools provide precisely what is necessary to make sure everyone on your staff is prepared to handle customers effectively. Keep an eye on progress with valuable insight gained from our analytics and know that you are always moving towards heightened success.

The Best Service in Pasadena

Pasadena Business Phone Systems takes pride in our team of experts who are dedicated to providing only the best solutions for your organization’s needs. Our certified professionals are highly trained in the installation and maintenance of VoIP phone systems and can be counted on to provide on-site assistance when needed. Additionally, our customer service reps and salesforce are available to quickly answer your questions accurately and resolve issues promptly. With Pasadena Business Phone Systems, you can rest assured that our reliable services are here for you whenever you need us.